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HSGI DBAG (Discrete Bag)
The HSGI "D-Bag" is a Discreet Rifle Case measures 26" x 6" x 9". Dual zippers for top opening. Fully padded with 3/8" closed cell foam. Pad on flap is removable. All interior is LOOP Velcro (Black) with 1 large center divider and 2 small dividers that Velcro into place. Therefore any hooked back pouch can adhere too the inside. Outside is plain with a diagonal 1" strip of webbing for decoration. On the ends are 1" male SR buckle to accept the carry sling. One single carry handle with clear vinyl tubing for comfort. In addition, the carry sling is a 1pt/2pt Sling! Adapters are supplied for users to attach the QR sling mounts to their weapon. A 16" broken down AR or a 11" SBR will fit real well. Plus with it's size , 2 weapons can fit into the case side by side. We have placed a 16" AR (broken down) and a folding stock AK within and still have room for extra mags.
  • Item #: WS00020
  • Manufacturer: High Speed Gear, Inc.


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