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HSGI Sniper Waist Pack
The Sniper Waist Pack was designed to be attached directly to a belt. Developed with direct input from Scout Sniper Instructors. The instructors wanted something the Snipers could not lose or take off in case of an immediate E&E where the Marine would ditch everything except his weapon. This gave him enough Ammo/Food/Medical Supplies to make it home. Made with 1000d Cordura. The end pockets are open end to end, in this channel one could put rope or countless other Items. The next two pockets in from each end are Magazine Pouches. Each capable of holding up to 3 M4 Magazines, MRE's, or Misc. life saving equipment. The center 4"x4"x3" pocket can be used for a Med Kit, Cleaning Kit, or anything the shooter thinks they'll need to keep them alive. This Item is a great addition to any First Line.
  • Item #: WS00013
  • Manufacturer: High Speed Gear, Inc.

HSGI Sniper Waist Pack

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