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Tareinco V2P Sling, Variable Single Point

***Please note, all slings are now built with black ITW Nexus hardware. They are also 100% Berry Amendment Compliant.***

Our dedicated two-point sling. Using mil-spec tubular nylon and quality ITW Nexus hardware, we designinged our V2P to be a great tool to suit your needs. The ends of the sling are our ECO Adapters that allow the users to attach the sling attachments they prefer or to install onto a sling loop that is mounted on the weapon. The adapters are built on side release buckles that allow quick release for emergencies or for ease of use when switching from weapon to weapon while being able to maintain use of the same sling.

 Made with Honor in the USA!

  • Item #: WS00009
  • Manufacturer: Tareinco

Tareinco V2P Sling

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