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Woosatch-A Plate Carrier
Color: OD
The Woosatch-A is similar to the Wasatch except these units do not have internal magazine pouches. It does however allow storage space where the magazines used to be via a velcroed opening on top center of the main body. The Woosatch version A has the same Body size as the Wasatch for both front and rear panels. All other features remain the same. Great for the user who needs more real-estate, but without the internal Mag Pouches offered by the Wasatch. It is sewn to carry Large ESAPI plates or similar sized for both the front and rear panels. *XL Plate sizes can be Ordered (CALL TO ORDER XL PLATE SIZE)*

Its Features Include:
ALL MOLLE/PALS Design that allows the user full customization of their rig
Small Admin Pouch sewn into the lower belly area.
On the body side of the "wings" there are small mesh pockets to carry addition gear.
Loop Velcro is sewn on the top front and rear of the carrier for attaching Velcro backed patches, ID's, and Insignias.
Located on the front bib near the top is an admin panel for maps, paperwork, and other flat items.

The Woosatch-A was designed to be worn over soft body armor. The front panel alone measures 25" not counting the buckles. For those who have a smaller frame or are needing a stand alone plate carrier, please look into the Woosatch-E.
For the perfect plate carrier setup add the ESSPCA (Side Plate Carrier Adapter) and our Famous WA/WEE Shoulder Pads!
Covered by HSGI's Lifetime Warranty. Made in the USA.
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  • Manufacturer: High Speed Gear, Inc.
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Woosatch-A Plate Carrier

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