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ACH Head-Loc™ Retention System X-Nape

Color: Black

The Head-Loc RS was developed to improve safety, comfort and stability of chinstraps used in MICH/ACH ballistic helmets. Every component, down to each stitch pattern, was designed specifically for this purpose, giving the ACH greater utility than ever before. Custom adjustment tabs allow the helmet to be adjusted while wearing it, without any hanging loose ends. Simplified strap geometry makes the system 2X more stable than existing chinstraps.

This system has resulted from years of input and testing by some of the most respected operators in the USSOCOM community. Their demanding requirements for NVG stability, multiple environment versatility and overall performance are credit to the design today. Without their help, the Head-Loc chinstrap would not exist.

  • Item #: WS00063
  • Manufacturer: Ops-Core

Ops-Core Head-Loc Chinstrap

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